Month: August 2021

  • How to calculate your ‘Enough’ number?

    Today is lesson #2 in the Brilliant Biz Bootcamp series and it’s a good one because we are talking about money. Specifically how to find your ‘enough’ number so that you can set financial goals that make sense for your life and business. But first, a quick trip down memory lane… Growing up in my […]

  • How To Define Your Audience For Your Creative Business

    Today I’m excited to kick off a new 4-week podcast series called Brilliant Biz Bootcamp. First up on your syllabus… learning how to define your audience.📝 Everything you do in your business comes back to your audience. As a matter of fact, having a clearly defined audience sets the foundation for your business to be […]

  • How Leaning Into Your Natural Tendencies Can Help Your Creative Business

    In this episode, I’m exploring how my ADHD is forcing me to rethink the way I work and how embracing my natural tendencies may be the key to growing my business.

    Are you working in a way that is truly supportive to your strengths? Or are you still trying to make someone else’s process work for you? There are definitely ways that you work that are best for you. There are also strategies and techniques to build an impactful business that could yield amazing results for […]

  • Supercharge The 2nd Half Of The Year With These 5 Business Tasks

    My grandma Coffee and I have this wild belief that time speeds up right after Labor Day. Every year as September inches closer (especially around the end of the July) my grandmother starts threatening to talk with me less because according to her “If we start talking about holidays, it’s going to be New Year […]