Brilliant Biz Bootcamp

  • How To Embrace Selling As A Creator

    In this episode of Pimp Your Brilliance, Monique digs into how to embrace selling as a creator and shares a few tips to help you reframe it.

    We’ve all been burnt by a poor sales experience. It probably doesn’t take too much effort to recall an experience you’ve had with a salesperson who was too pushy, a little sleazy, and wouldn’t take “No” for an answer. That experience probably left you wanting a shower after it was over. Now you’re a creative […]


  • How to calculate your ‘Enough’ number?

    Today is lesson #2 in the Brilliant Biz Bootcamp series and it’s a good one because we are talking about money. Specifically how to find your ‘enough’ number so that you can set financial goals that make sense for your life and business. But first, a quick trip down memory lane… Growing up in my […]


  • How To Define Your Audience For Your Creative Business

    Today I’m excited to kick off a new 4-week podcast series called Brilliant Biz Bootcamp. First up on your syllabus… learning how to define your audience.📝 Everything you do in your business comes back to your audience. As a matter of fact, having a clearly defined audience sets the foundation for your business to be […]