"I believe that the key to living a vibrant, fulfilling life is to make bold moves and go after what you want instead of giving in to your fears."

Hey There!

I'm Monique Malcolm.

I’m a writer, speaker, podcaster, and entrepreneur. As you can see, I’m not just one thing and I suspect you aren’t either. I believe being multi-passionate is a gift. 

At my core, I’m a creator.

I have been creating things my whole life – from mixing up special potions in my laundry room as a kid (please don’t tell my mom) to decorating spirit week t-shirts with puffy paint in college.

My creativity has been my lifelong companion. I often see new ideas in vivid detail long before I bring them to life. I love the challenge of figuring out how to create the things I dream up.


Throughout my creative journey, the two things I constantly come back to are my desire to help people see a greater possibility for their lives and to share everything I’ve learned along the way.

I have a passion for teaching with a knack for explaining things in a way that feels relatable. Occasionally I teach classes and workshops on topics like goal setting, creating your life vision, managing your fear, and creative business. (You should definitely get on my email list to learn about the next one.)

More than anything I want to inspire you to make bold moves and go after the things you want in your life. Big things and tiny things too. 

This is my virtual classroom where we explore strategies and tools to help us live a more vibrant, fulfilling, and fun life.

MY Mission

My mission is to help 10,000 women develop the habits, routines, and systems that will move their goals forward and allow them to live a bigger life.


The Visionary Journal is a goal-setting planner with vision designed to help you keep the important things top of mind.


The 100 Tiny Actions Podcast provides you with tools and strategies that help you focus on the actions needed to live a big life.


The Tiny Action Takers is my weekly newsletter where I cover topics like vision, goals, mindset, and doing the work needed to live a big life.