About Me

Hey, I'm Monique!

I’m a business coach + systems nerd + the host of the Pimp Your Brilliance podcast. I help overwhelmed solopreneurs monetize their brilliance and implement systems to streamline their business’ backend.

My mission is to help you earn more while doing less work so that you finally get off the hamster wheel and live your life. 

I share free resources in the form of podcast episodes and newsletters. And I offer a community especially for like-minded creatives that’s pretty awesome (if I do say so myself).

When it comes to making your creative business feel simple, I'm the girl you want all up in your plans.

When you’re building a business, it’s easy to get in over your head. There’s no shortage of shiny objects to chase and “best” practice strategies to implement. As a solopreneur, there’s the added pressure to do ALL of the things- blogging, video, emails, social media, and on top of that you need to live. Your to-do list is overloaded. Worst of all, the balance in your bank account doesn’t reflect your effort.

You begin to wonder if you made the right decision. You wonder if you’re
good enough. You wonder if your success story is fan fiction. You begin
to doubt your dreams.

Been there. Done that. 🙄

After running a successful e-commerce business, podcast, and selling digital products, I’ve learned a few things about what keeps some people stuck, stagnant, and scraping by while others seem to take off overnight. 

My goal is to help you earn more, create a manageable plan, and get your business house in order by using systems.

I’m going to show you what’s possible when you stop letting fear run your business and start having the audacity to tell people about your work, post about your work, and ask people to invest money into your work consistently.

You might be on the struggle bus right now and in too deep to find your way off. Maybe you’re unsure of where to turn (or who to turn to) but you know you want your life and business to look different a year from now. 

Well, you just gained a friend for the journey ahead!

Welcome to my place. Have a seat on my pink couch and grab a drink. We have work to do.

A bit more about me

I’m the epitome of a Sagittarius. Always the wanderer and traveler.

Strategy is my love language, while execution is my legit superpower.

I’m a bit of a serial entrepreneur (I currently run two businesses) and a true visionary. I often see ideas in vivid detail before I bring them to life.

When I’m not wearing the many hats that being a creative and business coach demands, you can find me soaking up the Florida sun on a sandy beach with my husband and rude teenage son.

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