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The 100 Tiny Actions Podcast helps you to focus on the actions that move your goals and life forward.

Join Monique weekly as she shares insights, conversations, tools, and strategies to help you bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be. No big leaps are necessary!

listener reviews

"Just found this podcast and as a creative with so many ideas floating around in my head, I am loving the message woven throughout many episodes of just taking a step and going for it. Monique has a soothing podcaster voice that I enjoy listening to 🙂 Thanks for the thoughtful and inspiring content!"

- Tatemade

Meet Your Host

Hey! I'm Monique.

A creative entrepreneur, speaker, and writer thriving with ADHD. I believe in the big importance of tiny actions. 

I am passionate about helping people go after the things they want in their lives. The big impossible things and tiny ones too. Every thing is achievable with focused tiny actions.

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