Month: July 2017

  • How to Create A New Routine In 7 Steps

    Routines support our goals and help us to accomplish more. Learn how to create a routine that works for you in 7-steps.

    One issue that comes up quite often when I’m talking to other creatives is creating and maintaining a routine. Everyone recognizes the value of having a routine but they’re unsure how to create one that works for their lifestyle and sticks. Over the past six months I’ve worked hard to follow a routine that helped […]

  • Taking The Leap and Fighting The Fear With Alisha Robertson

    Taking The Leap and Fighting The Fear With Alisha Robertson

    On this week’s episode, I’m chatting with Alisha Robertson of What started out as a conversation about becoming an author through self-publishing shifted into a thoughtful chat about fear and what’s really holding people back. It was so good. Lots of really useful insight was shared. If you aren’t familiar with Alisha, she is […]

  • How to Re-evaluate Your Goals If You Aren’t achieving Them

    We get to caught up setting goals based on an outcome that is controlled by factors that we cannot always influence. Maybe it’s time to change your perspective and switch to action based goals.

    Chances are if you aren’t making progress towards your goals or you’re feeling discouraged after working hard towards them it’s time to re-evaluate. There’s a lot of experimentation in the goal setting process when you’re trying to find a strategy that works. So it’s ok to refine and change. For example setting a goal to […]

  • Creating And Rocking A Niche Brand With Anthony Bencomo

    Anthony Bencomo shares how he came up with the idea to start a sandwich themed clothing line, why he runs his brand solely as a side hustle, tips for working with graphic designers and how continues to create opportunities within his brand.

    This week’s podcast guest is a personal friend and fellow UCF alumni (#GoKnights). We met years ago through my now defunct clothing line, Antisparkle Apparel. Anthony “Biggie” Bencomo is a sandwich connoisseur who turned his passion into a sandwich inspired clothing brand called Deli Fresh Threads. Such a cool idea, right? Deli Fresh Threads has […]