In this episode, Monique shares how to create a study plan to help you get the most from your educational investments.

It’s an open secret that online course completion rates are ridiculously low. Most people do not finish them.

Be honest. How many courses have you purchased but haven’t finished? 

One reason why most people don’t complete their courses and other programs is because they haven’t properly accounted for how much time they need to do the work.

Luckily, there’s an easy fix.

In this episode, I’m sharing how to create a study plan to help you get the most from your educational investments.

What is a study plan?

A study plan is a schedule with time blocked out for learning activities and tasks. It’s especially helpful when trying to make time for your coursework between your work, social life, and other responsibilities.

You have a finite amount of time so having a study plan ensures that you’re making time to work through your courses.

3 Learning Activities To Include In Your Study Plan

There’s more to online learning than just consuming the course material. In my experience, there are three key activities you need to include in your study plan.

Your plan should include time for intake, processing, and implementation.

  • Intake – consuming the material (video, audio, text).
  • Processing – digesting the information and working on related assignments.
  • Implementation – applying the information to problems and situations in your business.

Depending on how you learn and process, you could plan to do intake and processing during the same study block. This is completely up to you.

Here’s How To Create A Study Plan

“What gets scheduled gets done.”

Don’t just assume you’ll find time to work on your educational resources. Make the time by scheduling everything.

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Assess your current priorities and schedule. 

Get real about your schedule. I suggest you complete an audit of your schedule to get an overview of a typical day in your life. Then, look for pockets of time that you can block off to work on completing the course.

Create your study plan. 

Use a calendar or planner to break down when you’ll work on each module or section of the course. Treat them like mini-classes assigning a date and time to focus on that specific material. This is the time allotted for intake and processing.

Make time for implementation. 

This is the most important step of your plan. Turn all of your new knowledge and assignments into actionable tasks.

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