Get your goals back on track

Today officially marks the start of the last six months of 2016. Yep. You read that right. The year is half over.

With so little time left in the year, I thought now would be a good time to discuss revisiting your yearly goals. Don’t fret over missed deadlines. Those things are in the past. However, you can still have the best year ever and get your goals back on track if you focus on taking big action and commit to getting shit done. How to Refocus and Get Back on Track:

Take a look at your goals for the year.

Do you even remember what your goals are? Probably not. Pull out your notebook and review what you planned to achieve this year. Do those things still look appealing? If the answer is no, nix it or add it to your someday/ maybe list. Now read the rest of your list and choose 2-3 goals to close out the year.

Acknowledge + Release.

You may have gotten off track, but this not the time to beat yourself up. Instead, celebrate what you have accomplished. Make a list of all of your wins from the past six months. You can even add in things that you accomplished but didn’t have on your goal list. Feel all the feels and pat yourself on the back for being awesome without trying.

Then, give yourself the space to release feelings of guilt or disappointment about what you didn’t get done. It’s okay. Goals are flexible. The time, circumstances and motivation behind them constantly shifts. Don’t get caught up in those bad feelings. Let it go.

Go back to your why.

Every good goal starts with why. Getting yourself back on track requires you to revisit your ‘Why’. Why was this goal important to begin with? Does it still have that level of importance? Is this goal relevant to your current situation? Does it still need to happen this year? Answer these questions honestly.

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Identify your roadblocks.

Have the voices in your head been extra loud lately? Did you run into a problem that you couldn’t solve on your own? What got in your way that prevented you from making progress?

We all have roadblocks that pop up from time to time. The best way to get back on track is to find a way around them. Make a list of roadblocks or limiting beliefs that got in the way of your goals. Then, work your way around them by coming up with a solution or debunking them.

Create a new action plan.

We have 6-months left in this year, what can you realistically accomplish? You may have to streamline your plan or scrap it all together. Taking into account your time, resources and current circumstances create a new plan. What is the next action that you must take on this goal? And after that? And after that? Map it all out. Then, pull out your calendar and commit those tasks to your schedule.

Of course, I wouldn’t leave you hanging. I put all five action steps into a printable mini guide/ workbook.

Alright, Star Chaser, you should be ready to hit the ground running. Don’t think of the July as the last six months of the year, think of it as the next six months of possibility. So much can be done in that amount of time. Here’s to your best six months this year!