This week we’re talking about self-care and subscription boxes. Those two things don’t necessarily sound like they go together but Tara Jefferson has merged them into a thriving community of women on fire self-care.

Tara is a writer, speaker, and self-care coach who specializes in helping women cut through the clutter of their lives and plant themselves back at the center. As the founder of the Bloom Beautifully Box, a subscription box that delivers self-care to your door, she is determined to start a movement that cancels chaos and creates a peace for women everywhere.

In this episode, we discuss Tara’s self-care journey, why women struggle with it and how she’s using a subscription box as an entry point into a broader discussion about self-care.

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  • [3:20] – How Tara got started on her self-care journey
  • [8:40] – Why women struggle with self-care
  • [11:20] – Tara’s daily self-care habits
  • [20:00] – Pivoting from blogger to selling a subscription box
  • [24:30] – Using her subscription box as an entry point to a larger discussion about self-care
  • [26:20] – Building trust in your community
  • [29:26] – Keys to success and challenges
  • [34:44] – The most important lesson that Tara has learned so far
  • [37:45] – Pimp Your Brilliance action challenge



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