It takes money to make money but that doesn’t mean you can’t get started for free. In this episode, I’m sharing free tools that you can use to create and sell your info products.

3 Things You Need to Sell a Product:

  • A Sales page – Most shopping carts offer some type of sales page, although features will vary. Your sales page should state what the product is, the offer, and what’s included.
  • A way to collect payment – This can be a digital shopping cart, course platform, or PayPal buy now buttons.
  • A way to deliver the product – Ideally you want this to be automated. Most shopping carts have the ability to deliver digital downloads. You can also store the goods behind a password protected page on your website.
  • Email marketing software – (Optional but smart to have) to stay in touch with your buyers.

Tools for Creating a Blog:

  • – This is my choice because I’m a huge fan of WordPress. They offer affordably priced packages that you can grow into.
  • Blogger – A solid and reliable option for creating a blog.

Tools to Create Your Product:

G-Suite is such a versatile set of tools and free to use if you have a Gmail account. 

Products you can create with G-suite include:

  • Ebooks
  • Spreadsheet calculators
  • Templates

Microsoft Office if you have a PC with the office software already installed you can create an assortment of different products similar to what you can do with G-suite.

Apple Pages is the perfect mash-up of a word processor that meets lightweight design software. If you have a Mac, you should utilize Pages to create your ebooks and workbooks. You can even create printable planner pages.

YouTube is a great free option for video hosting. You can upload videos for your courses, workshops, and masterclasses as unlisted and they won’t be found in YouTube’s search. Then, you can embed the video somewhere else or share the link with selected parties.

Canva offers simple design tools for the non-graphic designer. They have pre-made templates for just about every use case you can think of. Canva is also great for creating things like:

  • Workbooks
  • Printables
  • Presentation Slides for things like courses or workshops
  • Brand collateral like product mock-ups and shareable images for social media.
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Want to polish up your design skills? Take one of their classes over at Canva Design School.

PDF Escape will help you make fillable PDFs so that your buyers can fill in their worksheets on their computers. Once you upload a file to PDF Escape, you can add multi-line text boxes, checkboxes, and radio buttons.

Mailerlite & MailChimp – You can’t really go wrong with either of these options for email marketing. Both offer beautifully designed templates. MailChimp has a slight edge because they integrate with almost every e-commerce software available.

Places to Sell Your Product:  

Gumroad –  Sell digital products directly to your audience.

Their free plan offers: unlimited products, payments deposited weekly on Fridays, a transaction fee of 8.5% + $0.30 (USD) per sale.

Member Vault – Put all of your offers, from free challenges to paid 1:1 services, in one place,

Their free plan offers full access to all features up to 100 members. This includes unlimited types of products.

Thinkific – Create online courses and membership sites with the easiest technology and the best support in the industry.

Their free plan offers: 3 courses, unlimited students, quizzes, instant access to your funds, and a 0% transaction fee.

Course Craft – Everything you need to build superbly designed self-paced online courses.

Their free plan offers: up to 100 students, 9% transaction fee, unlimited courses, instant payout, promo codes, and mailing list integration.

With this list of tools, you should be able to create your first info product without spending any money. So officially, you have no excuses!

Do you have a digital product idea that you’re ready to create? What tool are you going to signup for first? Let me know in the comments.

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