This week’s interview is with the founder of a brand that I just adore, Jacque Amadi of Adorned By Chi. Her brand is filled with so much personality. It’s quirky and a little off beat but her community loves it. We discussed how she has created a brand for ‘Misfits and Magical Girls’ all centered around her love for anime.

Jacque is delightfully awkward (seriously most of her answers end with her infectious giggles) which shows as she shares why she launched a brand based on her quirks, the importance of staying true to yourself and how she engages her growing community of #softblackgirls.


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  • [2:15] Knowing when it’s time to call it quits at work
  • [3:50] How Jacque prepared to take the leap and do her own thing
  • [4:20] Why it’s important to celebrate every step of your entrepreneurial journey
  • [7:30] Advice for someone interested in starting a quirky personality fueled brand
  • [11:50] How Jacque grows and engages her community
  • [19:15] Tips for creating a cohesive Instagram feed
  • [23:03] Jacque’s keys to success
  • [24:20] Pimp Your Brilliance Action Challenge
  • [29:45] Jacque’s book recommendations



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