What's the right type of digital product for your audience?

In a few weeks, The Brilliance Lounge membership will be opening its doors to new members. The Brilliance Lounge is a membership community for solopreneurs and business owners who want to learn how to create and launch digital products.

Today’s show is going to give you a headstart on figuring out what’s the right type of digital product to create for your audience. I have lots of thoughts on this and a few of them might surprise you. So in this episode, I’m sharing things to consider when choosing the type of digital product to create for your audience.

If you’ve been listening to my podcast long enough, you should have already surveyed your audience to find out what they’re currently struggling with. This is always your starting point before deciding to create anything.

Have you identified a specific person with a problem that you can help resolve? If you have, go back to your survey results and look for a problem that your people find challenging. If you haven’t, it’s time to survey your audience. I talked about defining your audience and identifying a problem that you can solve in episode 95 and 98.

What digital product makes the most sense for the content?

Some topics naturally make more sense for certain product types. Don’t overthink this. 

  • Are you showing your audience how to do something step by step? Then, a video would probably work best.
  • A guide works well if you want to teach your audience a specific concept. 
  • Workbooks are great for planning and working through information. 

Bottom line, choose the digital product format that is most comfortable for you right now.

What is your skill and comfort level?

I know that the “tech stuff” scares a lot of people off from creating digital products. You need to consider that in your product decision. Not only will you have to create your digital product, you’ll also need to figure out the right set up to sell it. Luckily, there’s plenty of tech options to help with this. So don’t weigh this too heavily in your decision but it is something you want to give some thought.

Also, what’s your comfort level creating in your chosen media. If you’re a great writer, then showcase that by using more of your writing skills throughout your product. If you have a nice speaking voice, look for opportunities to utilize that. Don’t choose a product that is outside of your skill or comfort level. That’s an instant motivation killer.

How easy will it be for your audience to consume your digital product?

This is one of my biggest complaints about information products. There are so many really smart and talented people creating amazing content but they don’t know how to be brief. I’ve been frustrated by this time and time again. Who has time to sift through a course with 40+ hours of video. Unless this is something that people need to be nationally certified for it’s over kill. There are better ways to present the information.

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Sometimes we overlook the fact that our audience has work to complete beyond simply consuming the information that we provide. They actually need to implement it to see results.

Everyone is busy, so being mindful of how easy it will be for your audience to consume your information, make a plan to implement it, and then actually execute it is huge. That is the goal and it’s important to the success of your audience AND your product.

Example – Busy moms may not have time to read a 200 page ebook but they may have time to listen to it. They may even have time to watch your content in a series of short videos.

What do you want to create?

You’re the boss, you get to choose what you create. Maybe you’ve noticed that a workbook with your specific skill set is missing from the market and you want to create it. Do it! Your business is one giant experiment so don’t be afraid to try things.

There’s a lot of advice on the internet pushing ebooks as your first digital product. While I agree the barrier to entry for ebooks is ridiculously low, I don’t believe that everyone needs to start with an ebook. You can if that’s what you want to create.

You can even mix and match different media elements to create the best solution for your audience. For example, you can pair a series of live video lessons with a workbook and sell it as a bootcamp.

One thing I will say is that some digital products are easier to create once you have experience with the process. In general, I don’t suggest newbies start with courses. Good courses take a lot of work and are prone to scope creep. Instead, I suggest a mini course, masterclass or live workshop as an option.

Basically, there are no set rules about choosing a digital product to create. If you can get your audience results, you can sell your product. Your results are what’s important.

So if you need some help figuring out what to create or you want to learn the Brilliant Product framework – membership is opening soon for the Brilliance Lounge. Get on the waitlist and you’ll be the first to know once doors open.

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