I read a tweet recently in which the writer lamented the fact that everyone wants to be the next (insert famous name here) and no one is trying to be the first (insert impressive title here). I started thinking and I realized that this is true (at least in my case it is). I’ve seen countless successful people and at some point thought, “I want to be the next Martha Stewart, Johnny Cupcakes or even Tyra Banks”. Growing up I remember my parents and teachers saying enthusiastically, “You can be the next so and so”. Rarely was anyone encouraging me to be the first. I believe on some level people think all of the firsts are taken. Thankfully they aren’t!

The trouble with this type of thinking is that it’s so limiting. It forces you to define yourself by someone else’s success. When it doesn’t match up you’re left feeling defeated and inadequate. Doesn’t it also imply you need to have a trailblazer to achieve success?

Be your own damn trailblazer. You don’t need someone else to blaze a trail for you. Tweet That!

You have YOU. Your vision of success is unique to your life and your perspective. So own that shit!

The next time someone looks at your great work and says, “You can be the next (insert famous name here)”. Stop them and let them know you’re going to be the first.

Photo: © lzf