Contrary to what you’ve heard there is a formula for achieving your goals. And guess what?! It’s not a secret. Click through to learn the 4 steps for achieving your goals.


There are two types of people, those who set goals and those who don’t. The common thread in both groups is the overwhelming number of people not reaching the big goals that they desire. Contrary to what you’ve heard there is a formula for achieving your goals. And guess what?! It’s not a secret. Nor is it rocket science. Actually, it’s pretty straightforward and logical.

There are 4 steps that will help you achieve your goals. Unfortunately, simple does not mean easy. That’s why despite your best efforts you’re still spinning your wheels. There is good news though. You can start implementing these steps right away. The even better news is that in most cases you’re already doing the work, you just need to be more strategic about how you’re prioritizing it.

Here’s the not so secret formula for achieving those really big goals:

Step 1. Get clear about what you want.

Stop sending mix signals into the universe. You have failed to achieve great things simply because you are unsure about what you want. Confucius said, “The man who chases two rabbits, catches neither”. That dude was a philosopher, so you know he was super smart. He’s also right. You can’t chase two outcomes. It leads to slow or no progress. Take some time (like days) to think about what you want. Get clear and specific. How do you envision it all coming together? What do the next 1, 3 and 5 years look like for you? Write it down. if you want some guidance in creating your vision, sign up for my free email series.

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Step 2. Get clear about the work that is required to get what you want.

You know you have to do the work, but are you actually clear about what the work is? You say that you are ready to start your dream business. Yay! I’m excited for you. BUT… Have you taken the time to come to terms with the work involved to make that happen? Are you aware of the extra hours, capital needed, skills and sacrifices required to pull it off? This step is often glossed over, but you can not skip it. This is exactly why New Year’s Resolutions fail.

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3. Prioritize the actions that you need to take.

This is the key friend. Your actions need to be in alignment with what you’re trying to achieve. When they aren’t you waste your most precious resource… TIME. The work, actions and tasks that will move you closer to your life’s vision need to be prioritized. It’s time to kill your to-do list. It doesn’t reflect your goals and you’re filling it with insignificant tasks that aren’t propelling you forward. You need to start planning with your vision in mind. Being proactive about your schedule will help you make significant progress in your life.

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4. Check- in Regularly.

You must make time for review and reflection. This needs to happen on a consistent basis and should be a part of your quarterly review ritual. (Don’t have a review ritual? You can read about conducting quarterly reviews here.)
Checking in allows you to:

  • Assess your progress and correct course if needed.
  • Celebrate your wins.
  • Adjust as your vision shifts and unfolds.

I know all of this is easier said than done, but there is hope. The Visionary Journal was created with these four steps in mind. The Goal, Vision and Plan sections each tackle the steps outlined above in a systematic way. This makes it much easier to get clear on the steps needed to complete your goals. The Visionary Journal also helps you cut through the schedule noise to ensure that you stay focused on your priority tasks. If you are ready to win at life and be proactive about how you’re spending your time order your copy.