why you need a vision for your lifeSo many people set goals at the beginning of the year without projecting their imaginations out into the future and thinking about how they fit into the big picture. Are you one of those people?

If you want to set goals that you’re excited to achieve they need to be in alignment with what you want to happen in your life. Your first step is to get clear about your vision.

Your vision is essential to your success, not optional. You set the stage for your desired outcome based on how hard you’re willing to work and it starts with being able to clearly see yourself achieving your goal.

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If you haven’t already gotten clear about your vision, here are 5 reasons why it’s time to do it now.

Your Vision Helps You See Where You Are Headed.

This, my friend, is called clarity and you need it. Clarity is the opposite of indecision, confusion, and hesitation which are all blocking your ability to achieve your goals. Those issues are a byproduct of not having a clear destination in sight. You need to know where you’re headed before you get started or you’ll waste valuable time trying to constantly figure out where you’re at and feeling slightly panicked that you’re lost (which you are because you didn’t know where you were going to begin with).

Your Vision Breathes Life Into Your Goals.

The goal-setting process is mostly about the journey but your vision is the destination. Let’s be honest the destination is the exciting part. It’s why you work so hard. Your vision is like the itinerary for a trip. You’re not just excited to get on a plane to fly to Paris, you’re excited by all that you’ll enjoy and experience once you get there. Your vision helps your goals take on a new life.

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Your Vision Keeps You Moving Forward Through Obstacles.

I won’t lie achieving your goals is going to be hard work. There will be roadblocks and days you just won’t feel it. You’ll be tired and you’ll have setbacks but thinking about how things are going to be on the other side of all of the hard work is motivating and inspires you to keep moving forward.

Your Vision Provides Focus.

It is an essential part of where you are now and where you’ll be tomorrow. It’s your focal point. Having a clear vision will prevent you from taking too many days off because you know what’s at stake. Without vision, you can’t effectively execute your goals for the long term.

Your Vision Gives Meaning And Purpose To What You Do.

It’s your big ‘Why”, the deep-seated desires that you quietly envision for yourself and your family. Things like owning a business so that you can have the flexibility to say yes to more activities with your kids or wanting to earn more money so that you can travel the world. Those big picture desires give your goals purpose. The kind of purpose that kicks your butt into gear.

Your vision is everything. It’s the starting point when deciding on new goals. When you gain clarity about what you want, you will be able to visualize it in your mind with ease. That gets you a step closer to making it happen.

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