This is the inaugural episode of the Brilliant Bitches Book Club with my co-hosts Siobhan of Be Free Project and Christa of Christa David Art. In this episode, we are discussing Jen Sincero’s latest book You Are A Badass At Making Money. If you’ve read Jen’s previous book you know she has a no nonsense approach when it comes to changing your mindset and believing you are deserving of something greater. It’s the perfect book to give you that much-needed kick in the pants to fix your funky mindset.

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Special thanks to everyone who has already taken the listener survey. The prize pack winner is Kaylee Davis.

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  • Our initial reactions to the book
  • Our favorite quotes and passages
  • Things our parents told us about money
  • Doing the mindset work and manifesting the money that you need

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Our next book club selection is Essentialism by Greg McKeown. The podcast discussion for that book will drop on October 25, 2017.


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