Taking Action

  • A Simple Way To Diversify Your Content Strategy

    In this episode, Monique talks about content strategy, what it is, why you need, and how she uses her content cake framework to build a strategy for her business.

    Are you still struggling to create an effective content strategy for your creative business?

    Most creative business owners and coaches are operating without a clear or effective content strategy. They create content for the sake of having something to post versus focusing on ways that their content can help them reach their goals.

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  • Sales Funnels: The One Thing Stopping You From Getting Consistent Sales For Your Digital Products

    Sales Funnels The One Thing Stopping You From Getting Consistent Sales For Your Digital Products In this episode, Monique talks about sales funnels, what they are, why they work, and what you need to create one for your digital products.

    In episode 99, I talked about why you need to launch your digital product versus going straight to passive sales. The reason being that launching gives you the best chance at attracting buyers quickly especially if you have a new or small audience.

    But what happens after the launch? How do you keep the sales rolling in? That’s what we’re going to talk about today.

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  • Your Personal Invitation To Join The Brilliance Lounge

    Today is launch day! The doors to the Brilliance Lounge have reopened and I want to personally invite you to become a member. What is the Brilliance Lounge? The Brilliance Lounge is a membership community for people who want to leverage their existing knowledge, passion, or unique skills to build a thriving creative business. It’s […]

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  • 5 Ways To Find Focus While Social Distancing

    5 Ways To Find Focus While Social Distancing

    Over the past few weeks, the COVID-19 pandemic has turned everything upside down. There’s a lot of fear and uncertainty swirling around as we adjust to this new normal. Our homes are now office spaces, schools, entertainment complexes, gyms, restaurants and a place to rest our heads at the end of the day. It’s a […]

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  • How I Paid Off $34k In Debt In 14 Months

    Over the course of 14 months, I managed to pay off all of my credit cards a whopping $34,000. In this episode of #PimpYourBrilliance, I'm sharing the simple rules I followed to pay it off.

    I started my debt payoff journey like most people, being sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. The debt was heavy leaving me feeling burdened and weighed down.  We were paying way too much in minimum payments and the interest was killing us. Around December 2018, I decided that I had enough. My family […]

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  • 9 Ways To Prepare Your Creative Business For The New Year

    Have you started prepping your creative business for the new year? In this episode, I'm sharing 9 quick and simple things that you can do to get your business ready for 2020.

    Have you started to prepare your creative business for 2020 yet? Now that it’s November, I’ve been thinking about how I can prepare my business for the new year in a way that feels manageable. Right now is the perfect time to work on those overlooked tasks like cleaning up and organizing your businesses backend. […]

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