Overcoming Creative Blocks And Art Licensing With Jeanetta Gonzales

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Jeanetta Gonzales is a Los Angeles-based designer and artist. A lover of pattern, color, and design she works as a surface designer, graphic designer, and illustrator. With degrees in fine art and graphic design, she began her career as a graphic designer working in design firms and corporate companies such as WedMD, Mattel and The Disney Store. She later parlayed her digital and fine art skills into surface design working as a textile designer and style guide designer for consumer products.

In this episode, Jeanetta shares how she got started as a graphic designer after obtaining a degree in fine art, how to overcome creative blocks and 3 ways to get started with art licensing.


[3:13] – How Jeanetta started to find her point of view as an artist
[8:38] – Ways Jeanetta makes money besides art licensing
[14:40] – How Jeanetta refuels her creativity and her inspiration
[17:38] – How to deal with creative blocks
[20:58] – Dealing with grief and managing work
[30:10] – Mistakes Jeanetta has made or current challenges
[43:10] – Pimp Your Brilliance Action Challenge


1. Think about where you’d like to see your art in stores (what products you’d like to see your work on).
2. Research companies you’d like to work with and reach out to them.
3. Start making presentations.


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