Fear by design is a defense mechanisms. It's supposed to protect you. Yet more often than not fear holds us back. Click through to learn 3 strategies for silencing the Chorus of Fear.

I wanted to title this episode ‘How to silence the chorus of fear once and for all’ but the truth is you are always going to have fear pop up when you’re chasing your goals. It’s part of the process.

Fear is natural. Your mind is a brilliant piece of machinery and wants to protect itself at all costs. Fear by design is a defense mechanism. It’s supposed to protect you. Yet more often than not fear holds us back. It destroys dreams. It kills productivity and sucks the fun out of life.

In this episode I’m giving you 3 strategies to silence  our frenemies the Chorus of Fear.

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What is the chorus of fear?

I like to refer to those nagging voices that pop up into our heads and talk us out of chasing our dreams as the chorus of fear. The chorus of fear is pretty masterful at singing just the right things to us to derail our plans.

You probably recognize some of their greatest hits and excuses. Things like:

  • It didn’t work out for you before
  • What makes you think you can do that
  • Everyone is already doing that so why even try
  • Nobody’s going to buy that from you

The list is endless.

How to silence the chorus of fear?

1. Identify The Root Cause Of Your Fear

Grab a notebook and do some stream of consciousness writing.

Ask yourself:

  • What am I really afraid of?
  • Where do these feelings stem from?
  • Am I holding on to feelings associated with past failures?
  • Am I comparing myself to people on the internet?
  • Are my expectations realistic based on my abilities?
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2. Make Fear A Liar

Fear is great at playing up excuses and distorting the truth. Write down why every excuse that it’s throwing at you is false.

For example, do you want to launch a product but you’re feeling like no one will buy it? Turn that feeling into a lie by writing out things you’ve successfully sold in the past.

Use this exercise to crush the lies and excuses the chorus of fear is throwing at you.

3. Get Macro With Your Next Steps

This is a time when you need to zoom in and only focus on the next small step. When you’re working in macro mode on a camera, the only thing you can see is what’s close up. Everything else is blurred out.

Don’t worry about your overall plan or big picture. Your goal is to hype yourself up enough to take the next small step. Zoom in and keep going.

The thing that you need to remember is that action silences the chorus of fear. Even though you may be feeling scared, you have to feel the fear and do it anyway.


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