Digital products are still one of the most versatile ways to make money with your creative business. You can create them for every niche online business and at a variety of price points.

Digital products are still high in demand and they can add value to your business.

The key to creating a successful (aka profitable) digital product is nailing down 3 crucial pieces of information. That’s what I’m breaking down today!

In this episode, I’m sharing 3 things you must know before creating a digital product.

#1 Who you want to help

  • What are there qualities? (attributes or characteristics) 
  • What circumstances affect the way they live or work?
  • How do they spend their days?
  • What are they working towards?
  • How are they getting in their own way?

#2 How you’re going to help them

  • What is the problem?
  • Why are they struggling with this?
  • Why haven’t they fixed this problem on their own?

#3 What it looks like once their problem is solved?

  • Aim for a specific solution
  • Before and after transformation
  • What was their life like before they worked with you? What is it like afterwards?
  • How do they feel?
  • What are they able to do now that they couldn’t do before?