3 Ways To Help Boost The Visibility Of Others

This post is a part of our “Let’s get visible” podcast series. Check out the other episodes in this series by listening to A Conversation About Visibility and 6 Steps to Overcome Your Fear Of Being Visible Online.

Today I want to take a different spin on visibility. Most of the conversations on visibility center around boosting our own visibility but what about our creative neighbors? How are we supporting and boosting the visibility of others?

Here’s the thing: No creative entrepreneur is truly self-made. Think about it. We’ve all benefited from the kindness and generosity of other content creators and creative business owners sharing their insights and knowledge. That’s what has made the internet such an amazing resource.

Creatives of all backgrounds and knowledge levels continue to share resources on various platforms that we are able to consume for free. 

Need to know how to unclog your toilet? Head over to YouTube.

Want to make a no bake cheesecake from scratch? Head over to Pinterest.

Want to learn how to build a creative business? Listen to this podcast. Er, head over to your favorite podcast app.

I believe that making a conscious effort to support the work of other creatives benefits everyone in the long run. That’s why today on the podcast, I’m sharing 3 ways to help boost the visibility of others. 

Whether you know it or not, the success of the creator economy depends on everyone getting a slice of the pie, not just a select few. After all, “a rising tide lifts all boats”.

Idea #1 – Share their work

I believe we greatly underestimate the power of sharing the content that we consume. This is one of the simplest ways that you can help support creators and small businesses that you love. 

One of the biggest challenges that nearly all content creators face is expanding their reach beyond their own networks. You already enjoy and consume their content but what about the people who haven’t discovered them yet? Sharing their work gives them exposure to your network. This helps increase their reach. 

A few ideas for sharing the work of your creative neighbors:

  • Shout them out on Instagram/Twitter as someone whose work you should follow
  • Mention them in your newsletter and encourage subscribers to sign up for theirs
  • Pin their articles on Pinterest
  • Include their work in your roundups or other curated content

Idea #2 – Give them a voice on your platform

If you haven’t noticed this is an extremely woman friendly podcast. That’s by design, I’m a woman and I champion women having financial security and flexibility. That’s really important to me. 

So I have prioritized giving creative business owners who are women a voice on my podcast. The majority of guests on this show have been women but I would like to expand that to other rad folks who challenge societal norms. 

I firmly believe that we are limited by what our eyes can see and our belief systems. Amplifying the voices of others, especially ones from diverse perspectives creates possibility for others.

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A few ideas for giving your creative neighbors a voice on your platform:

  • Go live together
  • Co Host a webinar together
  • Invite them to be a guest on your podcast
  • Ask them to write an article or guest blog post
  • Host a fireside chat within your community and invite them as a featured guest

Idea #3 – Recommend them for opportunities to people in your network

My friend Akilah of Kissed By A Bee Apothecary recently shared that her business was chosen to create 375 gift boxes for Hallmark employees. Do you know how she received this opportunity? Someone in her network recommended her business when they were tossing around ideas. This is such a small but extremely impactful thing to do. 

A few ideas for recommending your creative neighbors for opportunities:

  • Nominate your favorite creators and business owners for awards
  • Email your favorite podcast hosts to suggest them as a potential guest 
  • Throw their name in the running for opportunities that you are aware of

Bonus Idea – Financially support their work

If you have the resources and it makes sense, financially support the work of creators and creative business owners. I believe we take for granted all of the content we are able to consume for free. The answers we want are a Google, Pinterest or YouTube search away. However, creating that content is not free.

For example, I have invested money into equipment and software to ensure that the sound quality of this podcast is good. I have a virtual assistant who helps me with image creation, uploading the show to my podcast host for distribution, creates the blog post for show notes, and schedules promotion for each episode. That doesn’t include the time it takes me to brainstorm topics, research, outline episodes, and record them. 

Most content creators put lots of time, money, and effort into the content that they are sharing and I believe they deserve to be compensated for that.

A few ideas for financially supporting their work:

  • Buy them a coffee – You can buy me a coffee if you’d like – https://www.buymeacoffee.com/brilliant
  • Join their programs if its the right fit
  • Buy their digital products and merch
  • Become a patron on Patreon

Bottom line: let your creative neighbors know that their work is appreciated. Comment, email them, or jump into their DMs and say “Thank you”. Tell them when something resonates or share a step you’ve taken because of something they shared.

So much of being a creator in the early stages of your journey feels like a thankless job. You are still small and working so hard to be seen. Your acknowledgement may be the spark that keeps their passion burning. Plus it’s the kind thing to do.

Share your thoughts with me in the comments – How do you show support  to your creative neighbors? What are some ways that you plan to commit to boosting the visibility of others?

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3 Ways To Help Boost The Visibility Of Others