Nache’ Snow is a designer, maker, and podcaster. Through the years she’s sold her handmade goods via Etsy, Shopify, and at farmers markets (all while having a fulltime job). She also loves to blog, teach and make videos. Her website is a resource website that helps crafters, makers, and creatives pursue their passion by arming them with the best advice about productivity, journaling, and running a creative business so they can effectively accomplish their dreams.

In this episode, Nache’ is sharing her philosophy for productivity and her best advice for organizing your life to make time for your passion.



[10:10] – Nache’s background in the online space

[16:56] – Nache’s philosophy on productivity

[20:15] – Things that are killing our productivity

[24:36] – How to figure out where your time is going

[27:44] – How Nache organizes her life to make time for her passions

[33:38] – Nache’s favorite productivity tools

[37:34] – How to protect your energy

[41:16] – Pimp Your Brilliance Action Challenge: 3 quick ways to better organize your time



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