Iyanna Vaughn is the owner & founder of the bookkeeping firm, Lovely Financials Group. She helps women-led empires make and manage their money to fund the lifestyle of their dreams. Running Lovely Financials Group for the past 3 years has allowed Iyanna to understand businesses in their 1st steps to those surpassing 7 figures. Iyanna strives to bridge the gap of financial empowerment for all women entrepreneurs.

In this episode of Pimp Your Brilliance, Iyanna breaks down how to get your finances in order as a new creative entrepreneur, shares ways to simplify your money management to eliminate overwhelm and gives her best advice for getting over your fear of money.


[4:33] – How Iyanna became a money expert for women entrepreneurs

[10:25] – Money philosophy

[14:56] – Common money mistakes

[19:20] – Specific routines and habits Iyanna uses to keep track of accounting each month

[23:04] – Favorite tools to use for money management

[28:54] – Ways we can begin to simplify money management and avoid being overwhelmed

[34:59] – How to start doing the work, so money doesn’t feel so scary

[41:29] – Pimp Your Brilliance Action Challenge: 3 quick ways to get control of your finances



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