This is part 4 of the Fear Less series.

Are you using video to grow your creative business? The majority of us are not even though we know that we should. Video is one of the fastest ways to gain an audience that knows, likes and trusts us. So it’s time to add video to our content arsenal.

That’s why I invited video expert XayLi Barclay back on to the show to help us get over our fear of being on camera and get our YouTube channels launched. In this episode, she shares how to get comfortable on camera, creating video on a budget, and why your message is bigger than your mess.


[4:43] – What is holding people back from embracing video?
[6:14] – Your message is bigger than your mess
[8:16] – Pushing through the fear
[16:59] – Top 3 things needed to start a YouTube Channel
[21:00] – What can I do to relax if I’m awkward on camera?
[23:47] – Biggest video trends right now
[27:35] – Using video to leverage sales
[33:26] – Video workflow
[39:30] – Pimp Your Brilliance Action Challenge– 3 things you can do to start your YouTube channel


Ep. 8: The Power Of Visual Content With XayLi Barclay

XayLi’s YouTube Channel


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