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I used to be a die-hard “You need social media to run an online business” person but lately, I’m over it. I’ve found myself trying to prove that you don’t need social media as much as you think you do. I realize that this thought process is at complete at odds with most of the information found online but hear me out. There are other more important tasks in your business and ways to grow beyond a social network. In this episode, I share why I quit Instagram and 5 signs that you’re in need of a social media detox.

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Why I decided to get off of Instagram

• The ROI wasn’t there. According to Google Analytics, my top 3 traffic sources are Pinterest, Facebook with a tie between Twitter and Instagram.
• I wasn’t willing to commit the amount of time required to grow it. This is just the honest truth.
• It brought up too many feelings of comparison and was an unwelcome distraction.
• It’s not helping me connect with people in the way that I want to connect with people. I want real connections with people and I’ve created those types of relationships by taking them off social media.

Positive things that have happened since that decision

• Nothing changed. My numbers didn’t decrease.
• I have more time in my day.
• I have more clarity in my own vision and what I’m building.
• I wrote The Fear Guide and turned that into an epic booklet.

5 Ways to Know If You Need A Social Media Detox

1. You’re obsessing over the numbers.

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2. You feel a sense of guilt when you don’t have time to post updates.

3. You spend more time scrolling than doing your actual work.

4. Participating in social media makes you feel like you’re not enough or brings up feelings of comparison.

5. You’re burnt out and it doesn’t feel fun anymore.


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