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This is part 4 of the Better Content Creation series. So far we’ve discussed the Anatomy of Great Content, How to Brainstorm Content Ideas and Two Ways to Streamline Your Content Creation.

In this final episode of the series, I want to share 7 ways to repurpose and remix your content. By now you should have your content ideas and you may be creating them with more ease but you’ve probably realized that you’re doing a lot of work for little return, especially if you are just starting out. That’s both frustrating and defeating.

This is why repurposing is so crucial. If you spend all of your time on the content creation hamster wheel, you won’t have time to work on growth or revenue generating tasks.

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Why should you repurpose your content?

Most people do not get the chance to see your content because social media moves so quickly. Think about Twitter. The rate of tweets happening per minute is ridiculous. If you tweet an article one time, it quickly gets lost in the Twitter-verse. Plus everyone has their own preferences on how they like to consume content and where they like to hang out online.

Repurposing your content gives you the chance to get more mileage out of your content by getting it in front of more eyes. Your audience is not following you on every single one of your platforms so chances are if you’re only sharing new content in one place you’re leaving out a nice chunk of your people.

Repurposing also allows you to create one really large epic piece of content and remix it to fit a variety of other platforms. Throw in a healthy dose of content re-sharing and you have a solid plan for filling your social media queue without needing to create new content from scratch.


7 Ways to Repurpose & Remix Your Content

Throughout this series, I’ve been talking about blogging but you can still use these tips if you’re not a blogger. Your starting point might be a video or a podcast, turn it into a blog post and then try out some of these other ways to repurpose your content.


#1 Podcast

If you’re already writing blog content, you can turn those posts into a podcast with basic recording equipment. No script necessary. Just read the post into your microphone. Alternatively, you can strip the audio from a video and upload that as a podcast episode.

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#2 YouTube Video

Summarize 3-5 of the main points in a video for YouTube. Then, embed the video into your original post. This gives your audience that might prefer to watch a quick video that option right on your own website.


#3 Topic of a Live Stream

Live streaming is hot right now. Turn your blog posts, videos or podcasts into the topic of a live stream. Take 1-3 points explain them with examples and connect live with your audience.


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#4 Newsletter

Write a compelling introduction and include a call to action to read the full post on your website. This is a good way to make sure your audience is seeing your new content because not everyone remembers to check.


#5 Infographic

Infographics are a great way to share steps or summarize your main points visually. Pair each step with a colorful icon and a one-sentence summary. Then embed it at the bottom of your post. Infographics do really well on Pinterest.


#6 Micro-content for Social Media

Micro-content is the smaller snippets of information shared from a larger piece of content. Think pull quotes, click to tweets, audio teasers and images. All of your micro-content should link back to the original content.


#7 Webinars

Webinars are still great for list building and selling. Use a popular blog post, podcast episode or series of them to add even more value and dive deeper into the topic. You can re-use the webinar replay as an opt-in on the original post.


Don’t forget to…

Re-share your strongest performing content on a regular basis. You can easily see via analytics which of your content is performing the best. Make sure that content gets higher priority in your social media scheduler.


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