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Welcome to Part 2 of the better Content series. Last week I broke down the Anatomy of Great Content. Today I want to talk about where you get stellar content ideas that attract the right people and make you look like an expert.

Coming up with fresh content ideas can be a bit of a chore. Let’s be honest with all of the things you should be doing in your business, trying to figure out what to write or post about isn’t a problem you feel excited about solving.

I’m going to share a strategy that I use to brainstorm my content ideas. Bonus points that this strategy makes me look super smart on the internet. That’s what you want. You want people to stumble upon your website and be so impressed that they stick around consuming your content.

This method not only helps you generate a nice idea bank but if done right will help you do a better job of selling your offers. It helps you create relevantly related on brand content. A definite win.

The easy way to brainstorm tons of content ideas is to identify your brand’s content pillars and create content around them.

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What is a Content Pillar?

Content Pillars are the foundational topics that your brand covers in-depth. It is high-value content and evergreen. Content pillars provide knowledge that your audience is actively searching for.

These are things you talk about exhaustively. They’re the topics of your signature offers and webinars. You use them to teach your audience by providing practical advice, tutorials, and tips.

Your brand’s content pillars should be focused on topics that you want to be known for.

So if you’re immediate thought was, “Ugh. I’m not doing any of that”. Chances are you haven’t nailed down your content pillars.

Here’s an example of a content pillar:

Pillar- Achieving Your Goals

  • How to set a goal?
  • What is a SMART goal?
  • How to break down a really large goal?
  • Apps to help track your goals
  • How to set goals that you will actually achieve?
  • 3 Ways to stay focused on your goals
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Each one of those sections can be a piece of content and they all point back to the topic of achieving your goals.

Now I know I said this was easy and so far I have hit you with a lot of information, but I do feel that this method is the easiest way to brainstorm ideas. Once you choose your pillars you can cycle through these topics on a consistent basis. You never have to start from scratch again, you’ll brainstorm different angles to cover your topics from.

You’ll no longer be tempted to chase after topic trends because your focus will be on creating content that serves your audience.

How to brainstorm content ideas the easy way?

Step 1- Choose your content pillars.

Make sure you’re clear on who your audience is and their needs. Think about the 3 to 5 topics that you can comfortably build content and conversation around.

Step 2- Build out your pillars with sub-topics.

Brainstorm different subtopics to fill out your pillars. Think of questions that your audience is searching for related to your pillars.

Other ways to boost ideas:

  1. Search Quora for questions related to your topic.
  2. Type your pillars into the visual search on Pinterest. Make note of any ideas that interest you.

Step 3- Map out your content in your editorial calendar.

It’s wonderful that you have all of these new content ideas but when are you publishing them? Use a physical or digital planner to map out your editorial calendar.

Step 4- Work backward to batch create your content.

Now that your content has publishing dates, you need to plan out time to create it. Work backward from your scheduled publishing dates and fill in time on your calendar to write or record your content.