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This week on Pimp Your Brilliance, Monique & Amber answer their very first listener question!

Longtime Keep Chasing The Stars supporter and young adult author, Anastasia Bolinder asks:

“How can she get her books out to more people?”

Learning how to gain exposure and marketing your work is something that every small business has to figure out. Even though we’re talking about marketing books, many of the tips shared in this episode can be applied to other types of businesses.

How are you marketing? Do you have a website? Do you have a newsletter? How are you leveraging social media?

  • Find your audience and go to where your readers are! Look for events locally, like book fairs, bookstores, libraries, comic book stores, anime conventions, universities, etc. Find them online as well via Instagram, YouTube and other places they are engaging.
  • Create a personal hashtag and ask people to share their experiences with your book.
  • Get together an email list if you don’t already have one! If you go to events, bring a clipboard and give people the opportunity to sign up to interact with you.

Start building a buzz around your book as you’re writing it!

  • Invite your fanbase to be apart of the experience as you are going through it; tease what you are up to: release dates, show your work in progress, tease story arcs and cover art.
  • Offer free sample chapters!
  • Have people review your book. Reviews help on Amazon and having people share their feedback is so valuable.
  • Ask for what you need from your friends, family members, and supporters and make the best use of the assets you currently have!
  • If your book is already out, you can still promote it to gain interest and drum up hype.
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Putting yourself out there isn’t easy! Your work will speak for itself, but you have to tell people what you do over and over again–that’s how marketing works.

Don’t give up! Keep going!

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