Thinking of starting a podcast? Today I’m sharing what I’ve learned in my first 30-days of podcasting. Planning, recording and running a stand out podcast show takes a lot of work. I want to help you eliminate the feelings of overwhelm if you’re thinking of starting a podcast by pulling back the curtain and giving you a behind the scenes look at the equipment, software, and resources that I have used to get this show launched. I’m also dropping some major gems about how I book my guests and how I manage my podcast workflow. If you’ve ever wanted to know how to run a podcast and if it’s worth it, this is the minisode for you.


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Show Purpose

Before you spend too much time researching, know why you want to podcast and what need your show will fill. It will help you create your show’s value proposition.

Podcasting Basics


  • Mic- Blue Yeti
  • Headphones
  • Recording device- I use Zencaster and Skype/ Ecamm recorder
  • Adobe Audition for editing
  • Libsyn for podcast hosting

How I Book My Guests

I like efficiency and really want to respect people’s time so my booking process is designed to be effortless. I send 1 email with info about the show, why I think that person would be a good guest and a link to my calendar. Guests can self-book. Once they do, they receive show prep info and a request for their bio.

Recording & Editing

I record my show using Zencastr or Skype/ Ecamm. I edit the episodes myself using Adobe Audition. I found a really great 45 minute tutorial on Audition basics and it was enough to get me going. Doing the editing myself helps me keep my costs down but I do plan to outsource this at some point.

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Create a Workflow

I use Asana as a project manager for the podcast. There are a lot of mini steps that go into getting an episode ready to publish so this system works best for me. I highly suggest you spend time figuring out a workflow so that you can batch like tasks and figure out where you can outsource once you are ready.

Basic stats for first 30 days

  • 1200 downloads. My goal was 1000.
  • Guest episodes have higher downloads because my guests have shared their episodes generously with their own audiences.
  • I’ve definitely noticed an increase in Visionary Journal sales which is great.



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