• A Conversation About Visibility With Alisha Robertson & Christa David

    In this episode of Pimp Your Brilliance, Monique sits down with Alisha Robertson and Christa David to have a candid conversation about what it means to be visible, especially as a black woman and creator.

    This post is a part of our “Let’s get visible” podcast series. Check out the other episodes in this series by listening to How To Overcome Your Fear Of Being Visibile Online and 3 Ways To Boost The Visibility Of Others. For the next few episodes of the podcast, I’m focusing on the theme of […]

  • Sell More With Video Content With XayLi Barclay

    In this episode, Monique talks with video coach XayLi Barclay about how video benefits your brand, how to sell with video, types of video that drive sales, and the importance of showing behind the scenes of your process.

    We’ve been talking all month long about creating content that sells. The one element that we haven’t discussed is video, so I called on my video content queen XayLi Barclay to serve as my co-host. XayLi is an online video coach and Thinkific expert helping creative entrepreneurs feel more confident on camera. She’s one of […]

  • Preparing For Your First Product Launch With Beth Anne Schwamberger

    Today I’m chatting with Beth Anne Schwamberger of Brilliant Business Moms about how to prepare for your first product launch. She has launched everything from a physical planner to digital classes to a Facebook Ads Intensive. Beth Anne is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to planning a successful launch. In this episode, Beth […]

  • Systems & Productivity For Solopreneurs With Auntee Rik

    In this episode, Rikke shares the essential systems you need to have in your business and tips for boosting your productivity as a solopreneur.

    In today’s episode, I’m chatting with Auntee Rik about systems and productivity for solopreneurs. This is a topic that I come back to quite a bit because I receive a lot of questions about how to be more productive as a small or solo biz owner.  A bit about Auntee Rik as she is known […]

  • Building A Quirky Brand With Bryanda Law

    Bryanda Law is the Founder & CEO of Quirktastic – an online community for geeks, nerds, free spirits and the anime obsessed. Their mission is to make the fandom industry more reflective of our diverse society. So her team creates spaces for women and people of color who have interests other than the ones the […]

  • Thoughts On Crafting A Life You Love With Amy Tan

    Thoughts On Crafting A Life You Love With Amy Tan

    Small business owner, proud mama, and hand lettering enthusiast, Amy Tan is the founder of Amy Tangerine, a brand fully committed to providing creatives with the tools and space to see the bright, shiny side of life. In her day-to-day, Amy makes sweet online content as well as top-end products designed to promote a colorful, […]

  • Systemize Your Creative Business With Jordan Gill

    Want to be more efficient in your business? Well, you’re in luck because this week I’m talking with Operations Consultant Jordan Gill. Jordan helps seasonal business owners (wedding planners, tax professionals, LSAT tutors, etc…) streamline their business backend. In this episode, Jordan shares how she went from having no business to clients in only six […]

  • Learning The Art Of Money With Bari Tessler

    Bari Tessler Art of Money Interview

    Bari Tessler Linden, M.A., is a Financial Therapist, Mentor Coach, Mama-preneur, and the Founder of The Art of Money. She has guided thousands of people to new, empowered, and refreshingly honest relationships with money through her nurturing, body-centered approach.